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The Rick Perry Iowa Bus Tour Finale Seals the Deal

Jan 3, 2012
Joe Hyde

You wrote this. Only a communist or an egomaniacal lunatic would desire to vote on their own stuff.

Click "Okay" and close this before someone sees this.

Rick Perry rallies the Iowa Strike Force in Des Moines, Jan 3, 2011

The Texas Tribune's Jay Root reports from Fort Dodge, Iowa, about the final day of the Rick Perry Bus Tour across iowa. Root is not ready to throw in the towel for Perry, either. That's because the campaign came up with a very innovative approach to the Iowa caucuses. This isn't a mass media market, and although Perry has spent heavily on media, particularly television ads, the real decisions are made in person. The face-to-face sales effort is going to be accomplished by literally thousands of surrogates across the state, and from 32 additional states. There are some heavy hitters on the "Strike Force," including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, and Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, and a slew of business executives, Republican party leaders, decorated war veterans, and passionate citizens like myself to close the deal for Perry.

Overheard in the back of the Strike Force kick off training session from a mainstream media reporter, after seeing hundreds of volunteers, all of them quality people, who are about to fan out all across Iowa for Rick Perry: "How did we miss this story?"

This is going to be a hundred times more effective than any radio or television commercial.

I will be speaking as a surrogate for Rick Perry at the Jefferson, Iowa caucus tonight at 7 p.m. central time.

Yesterday, as the video above portrays, was the last day of the Perry Bus Tour through Iowa. He had two major stops, in Sioux City, Iowa and the finale in Perry, Iowa. Here's the map and news from along the road:

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Sioux City, Iowa

Here's the video of excerpts of the Sioux City, Iowa speech on Jan. 2, 2011:

The local press did a great job of describing the mood of Iowa caucus attendees tonight. No one has closed the deal:

His final comment of the 35-minute event: "If you want a bumper sticker on what I am all about, it is freedom."

Veronica Krage of rural Sioux City has been taking in the late flurry of Northwest Iowa presidential campaign stops. Krage has seen Mitt Romney twice and attended a Ron Paul event. She will help stage a Plymouth County caucus precinct and said she was leaning toward Romney.

"Perry has some good ideas," Krage said, citing his position of securing the Mexican border and pushing to repeal "ObamaCare," as opponents call federal health care reform.

Ron Coon of Sioux City has narrowed his options to Perry and Newt Gingrich.

"I'm an ultraconservative," Coon said. "I watch Fox (News) all day long, until the night."

Coon said he wished Perry had begun his campaign sooner than his relatively late entrance in mid-August. And he said if it weren't for debate gaffes, Perry would be polling higher than he is, near the bottom.

(Source: Sioux City Journal: "Perry touts authentic conservatism in Sioux City")

The Houston Chronicle found support among the crowd in Sioux City, discussing his electability, which is a top concern of Iowa caucus-goers:

“To me, Perry’s the one that’s got legs,” said Stocking, who said he also grew up a “farm kid” – like Perry, the son of tenant farmers. “When I look at Bachmann, it looks like she’s on a dead horse now, and the same thing with Santorum. He ain’t got no money, so he just can’t go very far. You look at Perry, and he’s got the executive experience also. I’d be happy with any one of hose three, but when I go tomorrow I’ll be voting for Perry.”

(Source: Houston Chronicle: "Perry addresses electability fears — then relocates Bridge to Nowhere from Alaska to Arizona")

An interview in between stops out of Sioux City, Iowa on NBC's Today Show:

Rick's wife, Anita Perry, interviewed this morning, notes how the campaign has really hit it's stride:

He’s so much improved. He’s so much better. And I’m not near as nervous as I used to be [watching him]. In fact, I’ve really enjoyed them because I’m seeing him excel now and we’re going to do two debates this weekend in New Hampshire and I think he’s excited about it, too,” she said.

Politico/Reuters: "Anita Perry: Harder than I imagined")

As proof of Anita Perry's feelings, Perry picked up a popular local radio talk show host endorsement in New Hampshire yesterday, too!

Carroll, Iowa

This was a short stop, but long enough for the National Journal to sum up the mood of voters, and why they are so undecided at this late stage of the caucuses in Iowa:

It galls him [a voter], then, when he reads about how members of Congress have tripled their incomes in the last 20 years, while other Americans’ salaries have remained flat. “I think we all should be treated alike, not all the sweetheart deals, not all the lobbyists,” Peters said.

Linda Rhodes, too, is undecided but knows she’ll vote on Tuesday. And like Peters, Rhodes doesn’t project the voter rage often credited with driving the GOP base. She has been unable to settle on a candidate, she said, because the negative ads that have carpet bombed Iowa in the past several weeks have steered her away from temporary favorites.

(Source: National Journal: "Has Anti-Washington Mood Distracted Iowa Caucus-Goers?")

Folks in Iowa, you don't have to settle for someone who doesn't have the record of being a true conservative who has the gravitas to shake up Washington D.C.!

Perry, Iowa

This was the finale of the Iowa bus tour. Here's the entire event, recorded by C-SPAN (32 minutes in length):

After the Perry, Iowa event, Rick Perry was a guest on Greta Van Susteren of Fox News:

The Sioux City, Iowa Journal gets the link today.

If you'd like to keep up with the Perry campaign during the caucus, please watch the RickPerryReport on Twitter: Follow me or just watch this Web page (or the home page of Rick Perry Report) tonight for pictures, videos, and updates. Follow or watch @RickPerryReport on Twitter.

Image credit: From my iPhone: a packed house greeting Rick Perry at the campaign headquarters at the West Des Moines Sheraton this morning.

I leave you with this, a Rick Perry video just released today. "We've got to get it right this election":

Read more about it at


What's This?

Here are some pictures from

Jan 3, 2012 2:08 pm
Joe Hyde

Here are some pictures from this morning's Strike Force kick off in Iowa with Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Facebook Album

What's This?

I liked the pictures and

Jan 3, 2012 3:46 pm
Carol Lawrence

I liked the pictures and comments. Rick Perry has strong ethics, is an Evangelical Christian, and has been a conservative his entire life. I like the way he has lead Texas over the years. He is a straight speaker. He means what he says and says what he means. He is the best choice to become President of the US. He by far has the best record of jobs, cutting spending, and following the constitution. I hope the voters of Iowa give Rick Perry their vote. I plant to vote for him when he arrives in Florida.

What's This?

Git 'er done, Joe and Rick.

Jan 3, 2012 4:16 pm
Dorrel Rozman

Git 'er done, Joe and Rick.

What's This?

Watching the numbers come in

Jan 3, 2012 9:53 pm
Joe Hyde

Watching the numbers come in tonight. Not sounding perfect for Perry, but I believe that the only viable national candidates leaving Iowa are Perry, Romney and Gingrich.

At the precinct where I was a surrogate, Perry finished second, exactly one vote behind Ron Paul, who had a clan of ZZ Top looking old men come in as a crowd.

I feel like we accomplished a lot here.

My precinct was western Iowa, town of Jefferson in Greene County.

What's This?

I surely hope he doesn't drop

Jan 3, 2012 11:46 pm
Jane Schofield

I surely hope he doesn't drop out of the race. I think it's still very early, and anything could happen. The race is still very fluid, and no one has a clear lead.

What's This?

I am sad to hear Rick Perry

Jan 3, 2012 11:59 pm
Terrie Mead

I am sad to hear Rick Perry is going back to Texas. He could reassess in South Carolina or better yet in New Hampshire. Giving up after one states tally is disappointing at best. Perry just got an endorsement today in New Hampshire and had three meet and greets set up for tomorrow in South Carolina. Giving up is not the Rick Perry I've seen so far. Iowa is so not representative of the remaining people who at the very least understand why one should not vote for Ron Paul. I mean, really...Ron Paul? Very scary to see the playing field we'll be left with if/when Perry drops out.

What's This?

Just one thing about the

Jan 4, 2012 12:05 am
Terrie Mead

Just one thing about the website. It may help to remove the Vote for Mitt Romney ads appearing at the top of the page. When I first checked out the website, I wasn't sure if the Perry Report was a true backing Perry site or a joke site backing Mitt Romney.