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Rick Perry Plows into Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul Over Government Spending

Dec 17, 2011
Joe Hyde

You wrote this. Only a communist or an egomaniacal lunatic would desire to vote on their own stuff.

Click "Okay" and close this before someone sees this.

Rick Perry on the bus tour in Spencer, Iowa

The video above, titled "Momentum Part II," is an excellent marker on how the Perry campaign is running now. They are building momentum along the Iowa bus tour, and here is an example of the presentation the tour is giving Iowans.

Picture this:

Rick Perry is in Northwestern Iowa, campaigning at the La Chiesa Restaurant in Spencer, Iowa today (Dec. 17, 2011).

Here is where Spencer, Iowa is:

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This is the local stump speech Perry is making along the bus tour. Here are a couple of takeaways:

First, he is making the point that he is the only “outsider,” unaffiliated with Washington D.C. or Wall Street running for president. He backs up his outsider status with the pitch that he has the record, and discipline as a chief executive to accomplish all that he lays out in the Perry campaign three-legged platform of:

Secondary points are made against the campaign themes. In this speech, he says Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are the “insiders.” Backing up this point is the record of Gingrich’s leadership on earmarks as House Speaker in the 1990s. Perry really plows into Gingrich. “Newt is the granddaddy of earmarks,” he says. Then he fires the rest of the earmark critique on Congressman Ron Paul, pointing out that Paul is responsible for $500 million (half a billion) in earmarks just within the past two years, and one of the earmarks was for bicycle racks in Paul’s district.

It’s priceless.

Here is what Rick Perry says:

An insider from Wall Street or an insider from Washington DC isn’t going to do it!”

Most important issue is spending. I will suggest to you that earmarks are a plague on Congress. And two of my opponents, Newt Gingrich and Dr. Ron Paul… Newt was the granddaddy of earmarks.

And Dr. Ron Paul? He’s still birthing earmarks. As we speak! I mean, if you look back [over] the last two years and he was among only four Republicans, I mean the Republicans stood up and said ‘you know what, we’re going to do away with earmarks.’ But there were four Republicans who didn’t follow that. And Dr. Paul was one of them.

I mean he had earmarks over the past two years that approached a half a billion dollars [$500 million] worth of these special interest earmarks. And one of them was $2 million for bike racks, trash cans, and decorated street lighting in one of his cities in his district.”

“Now I’ll be real honest with you. I don’t think that is where our monies need to be spent when we’ve got the economic crisis that we have on our hands. And we’ve got to have the people who have the discipline to just say ‘no’ to spending until we have this debt crisis in our country under control.”

(Source: Video, C-SPAN embedded here)

Later in the speech, Perry provides a specific proposal of how he’d start to clean house in Washington. “I’m going to walk into Washington, and I’m going to bring a budget forward that cuts $5 Trillion out of Obama’s budget that he’s laid out. We’re going to eliminate three agencies of government. Three that come to mind are the Energy, the Commerce and the Education Departments. And then create millions of jobs." Perry says.

He then went on to describe his Energy Jobs Plan as an immediate remedy to the economic doldrums the country is experiencing right now,

“I am the anti-Washington, anti-Wall Street outsider that America needs. If you’ll have my back on Jan. 3, I’ll have your back in Washington D.C.,” Perry concludes.

Watch the entire Perry stump speech in Spencer, Iowa on Dec. 17, 2011 here:

Read more about it at


What's This?

Rick Perry and team are

Dec 17, 2011 11:00 pm
Joe Hyde

Rick Perry and team are working hard to win this thing. Meanwhile, here's the front-running Newt 2012 team in Northern Virginia today, signing books with some poor chap dressed up in an elephant suit:

What's This?

I understood it, but the kids

Dec 18, 2011 12:13 am
Joe Hyde

I understood it, but the kids reporting from the campaign trail didn't. Perry's claim to cut $5 trillion out of the budget was a cumulative 2012-2020 cut, not a one year cut. This is how they're reporting "gaffes" now. When a gaffe isn't a gaffe, but you report it as a gaffe, what do you do when you really need to report a gaffe? Will anyone believe you?$5t-from-obamas-$3.7t-budget/

What's This?

CBS media is a liberal

Dec 19, 2011 11:44 am
Carol Lawrence

CBS media is a liberal mouthpiece for Obama. Their goal is to trash any conservative running for President that Obama knows he can't best. There was no gaffe. Just a lot of liberal hooey. I wish the Newspaper would endorse Perry, but I understand that it too liberal just like Romney.