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Herman Cain is Reckless and Arrogant

Nov 1, 2011
Joe Hyde

You wrote this. Only a communist or an egomaniacal lunatic would desire to vote on their own stuff.

Click "Okay" and close this before someone sees this.

If you read between the lines of the various news reports about the Cain operation, the picture becomes clearer to me every day. The latest dust up about the sexual harassment of employees confirms it.

Leading up to the sex scandal, we had the clues. Now I know it to be so, that Herman Cain is an ass, and he's reckless.

The first clue came just after Cain placed poorly in the Iowa straw polls. We heard from disgruntled former Cain staffers:

Jim Zeiler, the regional field director who was one of the five disgruntled staffers who left, explained his decision with a devastating assessment of Cain, saying the candidate was more interested in jet-setting than running a campaign that incorporates traditional grass-roots techniques.

"He’s not inquisitive. He wants to be in front of the adoring crowds, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in the issues," said Zeiler, a former regional field director for Cain’s campaign.

(Source: Politico, "Cain's campaign crash continues at Ames")

Mr. Zeiler was a disgruntled former staffer. This kind of tripe is expected in today's coarse society. No one gets asked to leave, or quits in anger, without throwing the former boss under the bus. If you've ever employed people, you know this. A good friend of mine, an employer in the retail industry, told me that his strategy when interviewing potential new hires is to ask himself "How long will it be before this person screws me," not if he/she will screw me. The "screw" is inevitable.

So, it's easy to dismiss this accusation as the disgruntled ex-employee getting his last jab. The "screw."

Since Cain staffer Jim Zeiler has left, however, we have seen how Herman Cain isn't very sharp on the issues. He certainly isn’t 'presidential material smart.' I only posted five gaffes here. I have 10-20 more. Electric fences, anyone? Do you think he's serious about learning the issues? I don't. My radar was still searching, though.

Next, we hear that Herman Cain doesn't want staffers to speak to him unless those staffers are spoken to them by Cain first. Apparently this rule is enforced when staffers are chauffeuring the candidate around. The New York Times sources that accusation from an intercepted email in the reporter's hands that originated from campaign leadership. Was it from "The Smoking Man"?

For goodness sake, the poor drivers for Cain are probably star-struck young interns or volunteers. Do barely paid, or volunteer campaign workers deserve to be treated that way?
To be fair, Cain explained that he does tell people driving him to shut up when he's preparing for a speech. In this Right Scoop video, he's all chuckles about it. I thought that it was reasonable. Maybe. My radar was honing in, though.

I re-read the Times article tonight, in light of the sex scandal. The article details more arrogant behavior.

  1. Two staffers said they were asked by Cain's campaign to sign non-disclosure statements. What?
  2. Despite having a skeleton staff, Cain spent no time organizing with them, or communicating with them (was he too good for them?)
  3. Campaign staff expressed disillusionment over Cain's preference to promote his book instead of tend to basic campaign tactics. Once again, a problem of communication with his skeleton campaign staff.
  4. Lack of commitment to campaign workers. It costs nothing to procure email addresses for campaign staff. Cain wouldn't do that. What kind of team building is that? Apparently Cain didn't want to communicate; he refused to supply nearly free email addresses from which he could communicate with staff. Maybe he thought the people on his staff were throwaways, and insignificant to him?
  5. Then, there is the witness of supporter Bill Hemrick, who organized a campaign meet-and-greet for potential donors, all eligible to give the Cain campaign the maximum $2500 gift. Cain didn't bother to show up, and,
  6. After courting Hemrick to join his campaign, Cain completely dismissed him, after Cain embarrassed this potential supporter by ignoring his meet and greet. He learned that he'd been passed over for the position in the campaign from a newspaper report.
  7. At the Iowa Faith and Freedom forum, Cain barricaded himself in his tour bus before and after, failing to work the crowd like his opponents did. Cain apparently has a rock star attitude.

Does this sound like someone who should be leading in the GOP nomination polls?

After all of the staff revelations, we now have the sex scandal. Viewing the scandal in a vacuum, it's easy to run to Cain's defense. My initial reaction was that this was Clearance Thomas 2.0, and we cannot let this stand. This is Herman Cain, a conservative black man deserving of our support against the evil marauders in the mainstream media.

However, when viewed through the prism of earlier reports of Cain's egomaniacal behavior, the sex scandal makes perfect sense. My radar locked on.

Cain is arrogant and reckless. He mistreats people working for him. Why would not Cain's penchant for employee mistreatment also include sexual harassment? This is especially true of the powerful, arrogant CEO versus the weak, insignificant female employees.

What is more, regardless of Cain's waffling denials of the sex scandal's ingredients, there are not one, but two incidents. One would think that a powerful, calculating CEO would figure out what went wrong the first time, and avoid a second accusation.

Two accusations reinforces my point, that Cain is arrogant and reckless. He doesn't believe the rules apply to him. Why not invite a young employee to his hotel room?

Radar locked. Fox One!

Herman Cain is not ready to be our Republican standard bearer.

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What's This?

There's more.

Nov 1, 2011 2:03 am
Joe Hyde

There's more.

The Herman Cain train has derailed. Up until now, I've been hesitant to explain what I feel about this, as most of it is emotional. I could like Herman Cain, but as someone who identifies very closely with Rick Perry, I found his Oct. 6th statement, "Today, I could not support Rick Perry as the nominee for a host of reasons" an offensive broadside against all of us who are invested in Rick Perry.

Cain went on Hugh Hewitt's radio program later the same day he said such an ugly thing about Perry folks and dug in deeper. He told Hugh, "If Governor Perry gets the nomination, I will still support him, but it won’t be 100%."

Herman Cain made his bed. He can sleep in it.

What's This?

National Journal confirms my

Nov 1, 2011 2:55 am
Joe Hyde

National Journal confirms my analysis:

But there was more. Several weeks ago, word started circulating that Cain’s business record was not quite as impressive as he claims, specifically as it relates to his tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association. Some of his peers privately said that they were astonished at how he was being portrayed. They said that his less than three-year tenure (rather brief in the Washington trade-association world) was rocky and that the restaurant folks couldn’t get rid of him soon enough—possibly because of sexual-harassment allegations. They said it took some time to get the association back on sound financial footing after he left. Some who worked with Cain said that he spent considerable time running around the country giving speeches and that he was a policy lightweight, both internally and externally. But they hesitated to be more specific.

What's This?

Aside from his 999, I really

Nov 1, 2011 8:22 am

Aside from his 999, I really liked Cain until he was asked who he would be comfortable with as a nominee if the nominee was not himself. His answer was Gingrich or Romney. I'm fine with him not saying Perry, but Romney?!?! I have some issues with all the other candidates but did he really have to pick the most liberal of the bunch? From then on, I have been watching him closely and I really want to like the guy but so far I have been greatly disappointed. I liked his responses to this "sex smear" and yes I believe it is just a smear. I liked his response when he was asked about the payoff he said he knew nothing about a payoff and if they did without his knowledge then he hoped it wasn't much. Now this morning I read that in an interview on Fox last night he states that he did in fact know about a settlement, he just wasn't sure on the amount. Again, greatly disappointed. Would I vote for him if he is the nominee? (Unlike what he said about Perry) yes, I would. But only if he was the only choice.

What's This?

Adding more. Herman Cain told

Nov 1, 2011 11:51 am
Joe Hyde

Adding more. Herman Cain told Fox News last night that the victim of sexual harassment wasn't "up to par" and was disciplined, fired? The Hill points this out, and some have said on Twitter this morning that this is akin to blaming the victim. Some of that is true. read more here at The Hill

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Well, I just added a new

Nov 1, 2011 7:59 pm
ava green

Couldn't agree more with your assessment.

Cain is a fraud.
Cain is arrogant.

My assessment:
Cain is a liar.

What's This?

Personally, I don't know what

Nov 2, 2011 5:08 am
Faith Ntx

Personally, I don't know what happened between Cain and these two women and neither does anyone else but them. However, given the flip flopping that he does depending on which way the wind blows .. I would not trust this mans word as far as I could throw. He is constantly changing positions, constantly saying one thing and then stating a total opposite. I suppose its ok to be honestly ignorant but ignorant on foreign policy as a presidential candidate in the dangerous times we now live does not cut it for me! He can blame the liberals and his opposition all he wants ("target on my back") but when its in his own words, he flips and claims ignorance. Now I see why all we heard from him for weeks was the nauseating 999! He has no "real" position because he refuses to stand on what he believes. So this tells me a lot about his character. He will do, will say anything he feels he has to for the vote!! People really do need to wake up!
As for the topic of harassment .. sorry, given his character, I don't believe a word he says. The fact this man made out like a bandit in the night with contributions during this harassment controversy says volumes for just how far people are "blindly" willing to go with him all the way to the top. I keep saying this is '08 all over again in this respect. No way do I compare him to the lunatic that now lives in our White House. I do however compare the blind support and refusal to see this man as anything but perfect.

What's This?

I have a complete arsenal of

Nov 2, 2011 5:19 am
Faith Ntx

I have a complete arsenal of his flip flops, ignorance in foreign policy and his past business ventures. In fact I was looking yesterday and I have more on Cain than I do on Romney! I didn't think that was possible, especially with a man thats never held a congressional office! Totally unbelievable that people are STILL falling for empty rhetoric!

What's This?

I also have a complete

Nov 2, 2011 6:09 am
Faith Ntx

I also have a complete arsenal of MANY YEARS pro Perry! Although I have only added a few in this link. Perry on his Governors site has archives to pick and choose from. Unlike other candidates .. Perry's record speaks for itself. I chose some videos to highlight Perry as I know Perry by living under his leadership his entire tenure. I remember what it was like .. Texas under Demowit control and bankrupt! I also know it was not until Rick Perry became Governor that Texas could finally be proud of Texas once again. Something that many Texans either forgot or new Texans never knew to begin with! Anyway, here is the link to my piece on SGP (ive been a member for 3 yrs and have over 1300 posts) THIS IS RICK PERRY some off the cuff!
It's Not Rhetoric

What's This?

Talk about being prescient.

Dec 2, 2011 11:13 am
Stephanie K

Talk about being prescient. Now, he needs to just go away.