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Rick Perry vs. All Candidates Campaign Finance Report

Oct 15, 2011
Joe Hyde

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Campaign finance reports for the GOP field

Rick Perry has the most cash-on-hand entering the fourth quarter of 2011 in the GOP race to nomination. Perry's startup campaign costs were fairly modest, coming in at only $2,121,816.85, and a daily burn rate of $43,302.38. He raised $17,200,232.07.

Mitt Romney reveals the expensive operation that he is running, spending 3.15 times the rate of Perry at $136,456.67 per day. And the expensive media campaigns haven't even started yet. Romney raised $14,222,570.66, $3 million less than Perry.

Herman Cain burned $21,857.24 per day, and had a healthy net fundraising quarter, leaving $1,333,778.56 to start the final quarter of the year.

Michele Bachmann's campaign manager Ed Rollins stepped down Sept. 9, taking with him his campaign staff. You can see why. Her campaign is bleeding about $700,000 per month. And Bachmann has the third-highest daily burn rate, spending money at the clip of $66,084.79/day. She has $1.34 million left to spend. Not enough to carry Rollins' salary, probably.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman are the three candidates with less than $1 million cash-on-hand. Gingrich's campaign is further dogged by $1.2 million in debt.

Here is a table summary of the GOP nomination race campaign finance reports for the third quarter of 2011.

FEC Filing Cash Flow Analysis, Q3 2011 GOP Candidates

Ordered by "cash-on-hand, as reported for the 3rd Quarter, ending 9/30/2011)

Candidate Cash on Hand 7/1/2011 Cash Raised Cash Spent Cash on Hand 9/30/2011 Q3 Cash Flow Daily Burn Rate Link to Filing
Perry $0.00 $17,200,232.07 $2,121,816.85 $15,078,415.22 $15,078,415.22 $43,302.38 Link
Romney $12,715,495.41 $14,222,570.66 $12,281,100.24 $14,656,965.83 $1,941,470.42 $136,456.67 Link
Paul $2,966,177.00 $8,268,499.92 $7,559,908.76 $3,674,768.16 $708,591.16 $83,998.99 Link
Bachmann $3,379,066.99 $3,907,748.06 $5,947,630.95 $1,339,184.10 -$2,039,882.89 $66,084.79 Link
Cain $487,589.04 $2,813,341.52 $1,967,152.00 $1,333,778.56 $846,189.52 $21,857.24 Link
Gingrich $322,222.16 $807,962.45 $776,767.90 $353,416.71 $31,194.55 $8,630.75 Link
Huntsman $0.00 $4,514,188.95 $4,186,574.45 $327,614.50 $327,614.50 $46,517.49 Link
Santorum $229,114.86 $704,199.37 $743,757.29 $189,556.94 -$39,557.92 $8,263.97 Link
Burn rate is daily ($/day), calculated by dividing the Cash Spent by 90 days. Rick Perry's burn rate is calculated by Cash Spent divided by 49 days, the number of days in the race since he announced. Huntsman announced June 21, near the end of Q2, so his burn rate is Cash Spent/90 days. This data does not take into account PACS that may be aligned with each candidate.

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